Central Ticketing Service

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about Central Ticketing Service

CTS is our flagship ticketing solution for Cinema Box offices and event management organizations.The solution caters to events which require managing fixed or allocated seating with multi site, multi activity, multi price seating such as stage show or sports arena.


Design the seating layout of the theatre/auditorium


Price tickets for each theatre, screen, film and category


Schedule the timings of the film/activity


Disburse the tickets through various channels -ticket counters, web, telephone & kiosks

how its work

CTS can be deployed on a server with in the organization’s communication network either on a LAN or WAN.Well defined and simple APIs allow for rich integration capabilities such as

  • Desktops, Kiosks (Automated vending machines), Touch screens and Mobile devices maybe integrated with CTS using the API.
  • Web applications can interact directly with the system given the APIs are based on standard webservicesand can be published over a secured internet.
  • Affiliates and partners can benefit from this system by building their own systems to integrate with CTS over the internet.


The application architecture is based on the principles of Service Oriented Architecture.

CTS can be deployed on Tomcat and can be configured to run on high-end application servers –Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere.

  • Core server component is built on a Java platform
  • Presentation tier is primarily on Java Swing technology (Java SE 6.0)
  • Supported databases are MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server -although given the system relies on ORM technology for its persistence logic the choice is not limited.

Real-time messaging is enabled in the system and can be integrated with the Middleware(likeMQ-Series) that supports JMS.

Application security

CTS’s authentication and authorization framework manages user access rights and entitlements.Role based access-control allows system managers to control application users responsible in the key areas of

  • Pricing
  • Scheduling
  • Ticketing
  • Maintenance

Design module -Empowering the client

  • Allows user to model the auditorium seating arrangement with a user friendly interface.
  • Enables user to allocate seat numbering pattern
  • User can set seating according to the predefined levels; for example Upper class/Lower class etc.

Pricing Module –flexibility to react to market dynamics

Allows user to specify ticket price based on

  • Screen (For multiplexes with several screens)
  • Seat tier (Upper/Lower etc)
  • Show Timings
  • Film

Scheduling module -planning

Scheduling film and show times well in advance allows early reservation and effective use of multi channel booking portals.

Ticket Booking –synchronized multi booking channels

  • System supports ticket booking through
    • Desktops/Touch screens
    • Telephone reservations
    • Kiosks
    • Web based front-ends
  • Enable user choose the seat number by displaying the seating pattern
  • Supports ticket cancellation and re-booking

Reporting & Auditing

System generated

  • Ticket sales reports
  • Input to EIS and MIS systems at the end of the day.
  • Exception/audit reports. (For Cancellations/Re-bookings etc)

Multitude of customizable reports either using Crystal reports or BO.


  • Tried & tested in the Middle East
  • 24/7 local support
  • Multi site, multi screen management
  • User/Role defined rights
  • Flexibility & user friendliness
    • Configuration
    • Scheduling
    • Pricing –multi tier seating
  • Multiple booking channels
  • Multi RDBMS with ease of upscalingand data potability