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Functionality and Benefits

Admissions & Enrollments

  • Digitize Complete student and teachers Information
  • Information available online – public view
  • Complete Automation of Admissions
  • Complete Drop Out Analysis
  • Real Time data availability for planning purposes
  • Accurate, Accountable and Verifiable Data
  • Track the student starting from early till graduation
  • Enrolments versus vacancy reporting

Infrastructure and Planning

  • Infrastructure tracking for any organization.
  • Forecasting infrastructure needs for appropriate planning.
  • Status of construction phase wise can be tracked.
  • Automatic generation of equipment orders.
  • Works well for chain or government organizations .
  • Infrastructure budgeting vs actuals can be tracked
  • Information availability to make right choices at the right time.

Student Health

  • Complete tracking of child health on an ongoing basis.
  • Ability to store health history of the student.
  • Special emphasis on girl children to track and improve Malnutrition cases.
  • Online reporting on daily health issues through google maps.
  • Can develop action plan for health improvement of students.
  • Ensure adequate planning for facilities.
  • Provide individual focus on students to help reduce deaths.

Financial Administration

  • Ability to budget by time period under heads and subheads.
  • Track actuals against budgeted amounts for the periods.
  • Management reporting under heads.
  • Helps administration control the finance mecha3nism.
  • Actuals vs budgeting reporting.
  • Real time picture on the financial condition of the schools.

Key Functionality – Quality Education

Attendance – Teachers & Students

  • Track daily Attendance – online/mobile.
  • Cut-off timings to ensure accuracy.
  • Reporting capability to identify students and teachers with low attendance percentages.
  • Can develop action plan or introduce new schemes to increase the student attendance .
  • Motivate/Action against the teachers with low attendance.
  • Effectively plan for seasonal migration activity.

Home Works and Assignments

  • Assign home works by teachers.
  • Students Review the Home works and submit online.
  • Grading of the home works and reporting to students and parents.
  • Parents can track the progress of Home work and Grades associated with them.
  • Complete automation helps parents communicate well with teachers.
  • Action plans for children can be planned well in advance

Performance – Students and Teachers

  • Analyze school, student and teacher performance.
  • Compare performance across schools within district.
  • Identify low performing schools, students and teachers class wise, subject wise.
  • Can develop action plan for performance improvement.
  • Motivate teachers and HM’s of low performing schools.
  • Provide teaching aids and support to improve.

SMS/VM – Parents

  • Capability to send both Voice and Text Messages to parents.
  • Periodic SMS to parents including DND list.
  • Mass broadcast from Principals to the students and parents.
  • Communicate with parents frequ engaged in student performance.
  • Force the arents to attend SM.
  • Voice Messages to parents.
  • SMS to parents on students.

Content Management

  • Incorporate content developed by SME’s with subjects Chapters and lessons.
  • Teachers and Students to view/read the lesson summaries.
  • Standardized content as per the NCERT guidelines can be uploaded for students for all subjects and chapters.
  • Accessible to all the students and teachers as a reference material on the web.
  • Improves overall performance of the child and also serve as the teaching aid for the teachers.

Online Tests

  • Students can take practice tests online from the subject material and customized question banks.
  • Instant results and step by step solution for the questions to help students practice and understand better.
  • Chapter wise practice tests with three levels of difficulty will provide students with required practice
  • Accessible verall performance of the child.
  • Accessible and easy to upload and map to subject and chapters help the children with focused practice.

Access to Universal Research

  • Teachers/Students or the researchers can share the content either they developed or available on the web into content repository.
  • This content repository can be shared by all relevant users.
  • API’s are available to plug into any existing Content repository.
  • Include links to chapters, presentations, animations and other relevant material to help the students understand better.
  • Improves performance of the students overall.

Uniform Time Tables

  • Setup consistent and centralized time table for schools.
  • Auto generation of time table.
  • Helps school administration and district administration monitor the schedules effectively.
  • Inspecting officers would know the subjects taught in the classes so they can schedule and visit to the school.
  • Syallabus completion can be monitored centrally.

Key Reporting Functionality

Hierarchical Reporting

Provides Administrators to review the information hierarchically. This improves accountability and enables focused review and action on a specific problem.

Hierarchy includes STATE -> ZONE -> DISTRICT or any hierarchy.

Enrollments, Attendance, performance information is all available in the Hierarchical reporting.

Admissions and Enrollments

Provides Administrators a REAL TIME view of the status of admissions and vacancies on a daily basis.

Enabled a mechanism to address admission concerns effectively and efficiently

Daily Attendance

Provides Administrators a daily view of the attendance at all institutions of the state by 9.30 AM

The daily attendance data is used to pay DIET charges.

This process brought discipline and Improved attendance at schools

School Performance

Enables complete performance view of a school by

  • Class Subject.
  • Test.
  • Teachers performance over tests.
  • Student performance over tests.
  • Identifies Weak Areas for Immediate action. The information is visible to all stake holders to work together to improve the performance as needed.

School Ranking

Every School has been ranked based on the academic performance and attendance of the school.

The ranks are derived at district, state and zonal levels

This process encourages healthy competition among the schools to perform better

Teachers Performance

Performance of every teacher in the state is reported and evaluated

Teachers performing lower are counselled to improve the performance and sent for additional training as needed.

This process and reporting improved overall teachers teaching ability and overall performance of the children.

Students Performance

Enables complete performance view of a students by

  • Subject
  • Test
  • Student performance over tests
  • Daily attendance of the students
  • Identifies Weak Areas for Immediate action. The information is visible to all stake holders to work together to improve the performance as needed.

Review Reporting

Monthly Reviews are conducted by supervising authorities at district, zonal and state level.

Several test reports and dashboard reports are used to conduct reviews and improve performance.

Enabled a review mechanism which will improve performance.

Product Highlight And Reporting Dashboard

Complete Multi Dimensional Data Warehouse with State of the Art, easy to use reporting dashboard to slice and dice the information Real Time.

  • Monitoring Performance of the schools, classes and subjects.
  • Monitoring Performance of Teachers – subject wise.
  • Performance comparison of schools, classes and subjects between schools.
  • Change in performance between tests for a school, class, subject and students.
  • Mandal and district level performance of a class and a subject.
  • Students and teachers attendance percentage for a selected date range.
  • Instant communication through dashboard.
  • Color coding to easily identify problem areas.

Software on Subscription basis

  • Software application implemented under Saas Model with Re-Engineering of business processes.
  • With Complete functionality available.
  • Built in powerful multi dimensional Data Warehouse and reporting dashboard with complete information in one easy to understand color coded view. Extended information through multiple drill downs.
  • Bringing Transparency and accountability due to timely and accurate information availability.
  • Improve overall performance of schools due to timely monitoring.
  • Complete Information availability at all level.
  • Integrated SMS communication mechanism for parents.
  • Reduced paper work and significant increase in With Benefits efficiency in administrative staff.


  • No Ownership Costs
  • Accessible Everywhere
  • Easy to Use
  • Rich in Features