Telecom Products

EMF calculators

As per the guideline of Dept. Of Telecommunication in India, Operator has to provide self certification of EMF Exposure for existing BTS's.

This Dynamic Change in telecom industry creates need of Automated Tool which Calculates EMF Exposure and Generate Report as per guideline. While these guide lines have not yet been established here in Nigeria it's a matter of time before this is introduced by NCC and when it comes it will help the organization be the 1st to publish the repots and comply to the norms.

The EMF Exposure Calculator is especially design to meet requirement laid down by the operator or NCC and helps improve productivity, manageability and accountability. It has provision of bulk data uploading in excel format or manual addition of raw data like site data, antenna parameters, surrounding details, etc.

It calculates EMF Exposure using raw data provided by the user and generates report in the desired format. EMF Calculator has provision to upload and keep record of other documents like photos, pdf files, and document, Excel files, Etc.

Tool For Preventive Maintenance

Regular Inspection Detection & Correction RIDM Model for Preventive Maintenance. Why us - The primary goal is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. This may be by preventing the Outages before it actually occurs which Preventive Maintenance and condition based maintenance helps achieve. It is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods by SMEs/ OMEs & ensured by FTOs. In addition, FTOs can record equipment deterioration so that they can ensure to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure leading to major/ minor outages.

Tax Calculator

Tax calculator is specially design for Telecom Infra providers to calculate property tax and generate tenant vise debit and credit. This helps Tower Company to generate accurate invoice to Telecom operators and reduce possibility revenue leakage due to manual errors. Tax calculator also helps in improving productivity of Tower Company and ensures compliance with local laws.

Remote Monitoring System for Mobile GSM- Base-Stations

This has been designed for commercial Mobile Service operators for Remote Management of the Telecom Services. It is used to keeping track of the base station environment remotely. MBS is a microcontroller based solution meant for the monitoring of BASE STATION parameters. A set of sensors that sense these parameters are acquired by a central MCU** and sent via a GPRS connection to a remote web server.

The telecom management team can log on to this server and get an update of the current status of the base stations which help them with efficient maintenance of each of these cell sites. Main technologies used in this project are GSM and GPRS with Edge capabilities. It also exemplifies a seamless integration of analog as well as digital signal sensors with a high-end TI*** microprocessor. The various signals and chips are interfaced with protocol standards like SPI, I2C, RS-232, RS-485 etc.

MRN & SRN for Material Movement Management

We have developed web-based tool for material movement management system for Telecom Infra Company. Using this tool they can track record for Material, Site, OME wise, etc.

Online Document Management

This is an online library for Document Management. This system work as Online Data Center. Using this web tool person can upload pdf, word, excel file with several category on server. After uploading this file which will be viewable for every authorized person.

Easy Track - Fuel Reconciliation Management


  • Information of Entire Logistic Part of DG and EB Meter Reading
  • Bringing Transparency and Accountability on Fuel Usage Making Diesel Filler and Supervisor More Accountable
  • Real Time Notification To Technician On Diesel Filling
  • Real Time Diesel Stock Enquiry On SMS
  • Online Report

This is a SMS Based Tracking System for Fuel Management System. Online Fuel Tracking Using SMS Base Data Uploading for Site Wise Fuel Filling, Vehicle Wise Fuel Filling, Technician Wise Fuel Filling, Supervisor / District Wise Fuel Filling, Petro card Wise Fuel Filling, DG Hour Meter Data Update, EB Meter Data Update, Day Wise Fuel Spend, Monthly Fuel Report for Each Tennant, Detestation of Abnormal Fuel Record And SMS Alert, Tenant Wise Bill Generation.

PTW – Permit To Work

  • PTW automation tool to take permits for doing work at height and energy isolation using Smartphone.
  • It helps to Improve productivity, faster data collection and mobility.
  • To establish control on outsourced field staff as application is capable of detecting Cell-site location tracking GPS.
  • To establish end-to- end process control and reverse tracking of ownership and responsibility when required.
  • To reduce resource requirement.
  • Generate report near real time.
  • To reduce usage of paper – environment friendly.